Aspiring Minds Nurseries

Fran Rowbottom

Nursery Manager

Opening Times & Contact Details‚Äč

Open Monday - Friday 8am-6pm 

'Sessional' funded times available for 'education funded sessions'

Morning - 8.45-11.45 am

Afternoon- 12.45 -3.45 pm

Short Day 9-3pm

Other sessions may be available 

For fees information please see the Terms & Conditions page

Telephone -01482 709544

Email - [email protected]

Aspiring Minds @Newbridge

Do not be fooled by what you see from the outside.

Through the front door is a world of opportunities & most of all 'awe & wonder' especially designed for the smallest of our little 'Newbridge Roaders'.

There has been a nursery located here serving the local community since the 1980's & it was the original founders dream for the nursery to provide the opportunities for families to improve their lives & provide for their families.

Registered for 24 children from 2-4 years in our two preschool rooms  & 3 babies in our 'huggable' baby/toddler room the nursery has been developed to make the most of the space inside & outside, whilst also supporting children who wouldn't feel as comfortable in more local larger nurseries.

Like all our nurseries we only provide the highest standard of high quality resources, equipment , authentic items & natural materials to explore.

What Ofsted say about us.......

Children are motivated to learn and interested in a wide range of activities that help them to achieve. For example, children successfully sequence shapes in wooden arrangements and are proud of their accomplishments. Children build

towers and staff promote a familiar story catchphrase, which creates great excitement as the towers fall down. Staff support children's imagination and exploration of colour and texture effectively. For example, children enthusiastically

mix mud and water to create mud pies and enjoy 'feeding' these to toy dinosaurs.

 Children relish spending time outside, demonstrating good physical skills. They are well supported to acquire key skills, in readiness for the next stage in their learning. Children follow instructions and have good social skills, which help them interact well with others. Staff are clear and consistent in their expectations and use positive teaching techniques to promote children's good behaviour. Staff read a story about bonfire night, and children enjoy matching pictures and counting fireworks. Staff promote children's awareness of safety practices, such as wearing gloves with sparklers. This supports children's understanding of the world in which they live and their mathematical skills. 

Staff provide one-to-one support for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).  The manager liaises with parents, key persons and other professionals effectively. She uses information to create individual plans to help set small, achievable targets for those children who need extra support.

Children develop confidence, independence and good physical skills. They use tongs skilfully to select the amount of vegetables they would like at lunchtime.   Staff promote children's awareness of healthy eating well. Children enjoy a well balanced menu of nutritious snacks and meals.

 Staff are positive role models. 

January 2017

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